Meet Easysteril

Simple equipment for demanding performances

With Easysteril, ETIA offers an affordable and efficient solution containing two decades of experience of Safesteril – leading steam sterilization process.

Our objective is to deliver an economical, cost efficient solution for treatment of your ingredients – while maintaining ETIA-Safesteril experience and quality standards, we propose a robust, reliable and accessible process.

Why Easysteril ?

Easysteril is a perfect solution for users who are just stepping into sterilization business. It is an essential configuration of equipment based on more than two decades of experience of Safesteril, one of the world most successful system for continuous sterilization and debacterisation.

Patented and developed by ETIA, this equipment is used in more than 40 countries worldwide for high quality and reliable treatment of food ingredients.

Looking for your first sterilization unit? Grow your business with Easysteril

  • Standard configuration (200 to 600 kg/h)
  • Optimized footprint
  • 20 years of experience in optimized design
  • Quick ROI
  • “Plug & Play” configuration

Easy and Continuous

Easy sterilization and pasteurization process for your spices and food ingredients