Most dry natural ingredients needs to be pasteurized or sterilized for safety. Several solutions exist like irradiation, ETO, ozone and UV. However, steam sterilization is the only efficient and globally recognized solution.
SAFESTERIL® uses an innovative continuous system sterilization process, which is completely safe and natural. It only uses heat to safely and gently reduce the microbial load of sensitive raw materials, without impacting important characteristics like flavor, taste, color or moisture.

SAFESTERIL® will make your product safer for the consumer, while maintening its high quality.
Safesterilization of spices or dried materials is the ultimate solution for micro-reduction.
Thanks to an homogenuous treatment due to a non static exposure to steam and to the non condensation of steam on the product, SAFESTERIL® has a minimal impact on the color and other heat sensitive properties.

Since the product is continuously mixed, steam penetrates in the heart of product without condensin, so that even sticky powders can be treated without agglomerating. Outlet product can be directly packed without any mashing step, as its granulometry does not change.

Safesteril Principle

Safesteril® is based on the exclusive and patented technology Spirajoule®. Spirajoule® is an electrical heating screw, which can be used for sterilization in Safesteril® but also for drying, roasting, toasting, pre-cooking… This unique versatility is the best way to secure your investment, and ensure a maximum utilization rate.

Product is conveyed and quickly heated to the setting temperature in addition with steam injection. Steam is injected uniformly into the chamber to control product’s moisture. Small quantity of steam is needed since the screw, with a very high-energy transfer ratio (close to 95%), provides most of the energy transfer.

UPX® is a patented flash cooler. The flash cooling is done by the combination of chilled water into a double jacket and small quantity of conditioned air percolated directly through the product, to control atmospheric conditions.

  • Quick cooling section is necessary to reduce the microbiological charge due to a thermal shock
  • No condensation of steam on the product during cooling
  • No need of a big air treatment system since there is only a small flow of air, and no dust issue

One operator only is required to operate SAFESTERIL. For smaller capacities, up to 500kg/h, the same operator can also load the machine, and repack product.

A solution tailored to your  needs

As every existing plant environment and product requirements are different, ETIA designs custom solutions tailored to your specifications and based on a technical assessment.

Running cost and payback are variable depending on the location to install the system, capacity and depreciation method. Although, we can say that the pay back is often as fast as 1 year and can be even shorter.

The utilization of existing utilities (steam, dehumidified air, chilled water) is often possible and can help reduce the investment cost.

SAFESTERIL systems cover a wide range of capacities from 50 – 3,000 kg/hour (110 – 6,600 lbs/hour)

Low operating cost

Safesteril offers an environmentally friendly system and as we care about the environment and saving our customers money, all our systems include:

  • A closed loop chilled water circuit
  • A completely insulated chamber to reduce the energy and steam consumption to a strict minimum.
  • An optional yearly preventive maintenance program in addition to a 1 year guarantee will provide the best technical availability of the plant.
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