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The Spirajoule technology is an exclusive and patented process for thermal treatment. It is designed with a worn screw conveyor electrically heated by a low voltage current. The technology is a simple and economical process with the accurate and efficient operation offering the heat treatment up to 250°C for a variety of bulk products and applications.

  • Simple = Easy to operate
  • Robust = Very low maintenance
  • No electrical heater = No sensible element
  • No double jacket = No hot fluid or gas needed
  • Plug flow reactor = FIFO reactor

Process are multiple with a single machine:

  • Heating
  • Low temperature drying
  • Pasteurization
  • Steam sterilization
  • Toasting and roasting

The Spirajoule® technology is an exclusive process for thermal treatment. It is designed with a patented worm screw conveyor electrically heated by a low voltage current. The screw heats the product due to the Joule effect. It can be heated up to 250°C with the PTFE sheet.
Spirajoule provides optimal thermal transfer to finely divided wet and dry products. Maximum efficiency is achieved by the product’s direct contact to the heated screw.
Product dwell time, temperature and air extraction are fully adjustable.
Full inspection of the internal chamber eases cleaning and product changeover.
The electrically heated coreless screw also allows injection of steam or dry air.
For all shapes, powders, seeds, leaves, cuts, mud…
Easy to use process, with low cost and low maintenance, the Spirajoule® is a continuous and homogeneous treatment which keeps the product non-denatured after treatment.
The Spirajoule® is delivered with a control panel to monitor the process and a rectifier sized by ETIA will supply the required power to the screw conveyor.
The SPIRAJOULE® process series is best for thermal treatments like sterilization (while preserving microbiological and organoleptic properties), roasting (of meat for example), toasting for seeds, drying, defrosting, conveying with temperature maintaining… for all kinds of inputs used in the chemical industry, food ingredients (for example: spices, herbs, cereals, dehydrated fruits or vegetables, seafood…), etc…

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